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Flotilla 24-11 Course Registration for 2020

If you would like to attend one or more of our Boating Safety Courses planned for 2020, please follow the following instructions:

    A)  Log on to the State of CT website (CT DEEP Licensing Center) to obtain a Conservation ID number.  If you already have a state of CT hunting or fishing license, your Conservation ID number is on the card.

    B)  Fill out the registration form below and include the Conservation ID# where indicated.

    C)  Send in your check as noted on the bottom of the form.

Contact Information
Name:  *** required field
Address:  *** required field
City:   , CT*** required field
ZIP:  *** required field
Phone Number with area code:    format: XXX-XXX-XXXX *** required field
CT Conservation ID Number:    format: XXXXXXX *** required field
Email: *** required field
Age: *** required field
If under 16, please provide the following:
Parent's Name:
Parent's Phone:    format: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Years of Boating Experience:  
Please select any boat types you have had experience with:
    Power Inboard
    Power Outboard

2020 Course Information
  ABS Course, Saturday, April 18 (8 AM-4:30 PM)    $60.00
  ABS Course, Saturday, May 9 (8 AM-4:30 PM)    $60.00
  ABS Course, Saturday, June 13 (8 AM-4:30 PM)    $60.00
  ABS Course, Saturday, July 11 (8 AM-4:30 PM)    $60.00
  ABS Course, Saturday, September 12 (8 AM-4:30 PM)    $60.00

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Thank you for registering with us.

Charlie Phippen
Public Education Officer - Flotilla 24-11

email:Charlie Phippen